We Need

We need to focus on the positivities life has to offer. We need to love each other and this earth we are on. We need to accept the imperfect imperfections about one another and we need to take control. We need to start caring for each other and caring for the earth. We, as a species and a planet are falling apart. We need to learn to coexist. And we need to do our best to start working together to fix the things we broke. Human beings are not meant to live in isolation from one another. We need each other to live life. And by taking one step, that action in itself encourages us to take another, and before you know it, you’ve learnt to walk. And even before then, you’ve learnt to run.

Perfect little imperfections.
It’s okay to feel insecure. Nothing in this world is perfect.
Accept yourself and light the path for everybody else.
You have to learn to love yourself before you love somebody else.